DigaCore avoids “angry surprises” through clear and consistent customer feedback

DigaCore avoids “angry surprises” through clear and consistent customer feedback

🏆 Results

  • Relieved the headache of not knowing how customers felt
  • Generate more positive Google and Facebook reviews
  • 98% CSAT rating

✅ Solutions Used

  • Embedded ConnectWise CSAT surveys
  • Real-time website testimonials
  • Automated Google and Facebook review collection

😭 The Problem

Prior to working with Simplesat, DigaCore was collecting customer satisfaction results via email, directly asking their customers what they thought.

The result was an extremely low response rate and lack of transparency into how their customers actually felt. They didn’t have a way to get clear feedback without picking up the phone and calling the customer, which was prohibitively time consuming and still not always accurate.

The problem came to a head when an unhappy client called the company to complain and management wasn’t aware of the situation in advance. The surprise of finding that a valued client was not only unhappy but had been so for quite some time pushed DigaCore to evaluate potential solutions to better collect customer satisfaction data.

🤔 Why Simplesat?

For Nathan Berger, CTO of Digacore, the company needed a solution that could provide key insights that were until then lacking. "We needed to get a pulse on individual users and not just the owners of these companies," said Berger.

More importantly, it needed to be done in a way that was simple to setup and could integrate with our helpdesk, ConnectWise.

To meet these needs, Digacore selected Simplesat. Based not only on its ability to setup in under an hour with just a couple or clicks, but also the price fitting their organizational needs and all the features they had identified as needing being in place, it was the best software for the job.

💡 The Solution

Simplesat was implemented quickly to start collecting and aggregating customer feedback for DigaCore’s leadership team. "We were happy to have a finger on the pulse of our clients, with added Google and Facebook review options, and the ability to save reviews into ConnectWise so we could run reports on them," said Berger.

Combined with the built in ConnectWise integration and the positive reviews we were now seeing, it was a perfect fit for our needs.
Nathan Berger, CTO at DigaCore Technology Consulting

🏆 The Results

After implementing Simplesat, the leadership team of DigaCore was impressed with how easy it was for clients to instantly communicate how they were feeling. They now knew what their client satisfaction (CSAT) ratings were and could take action based on those numbers – whether positive or negative.

"Simplesat offers simple, easy, affordable, and open communication." says Berger. "We now have a clear way to get feedback without randomly calling a client and are happy to find our CSAT ratings at 98%."

This addition of clear insights has opened up DigaCore’s ability to make decisions, stay ahead of potential frustration from clients, and build on their successes, and is now a core part of how they plan to grow their business.

real-time website testimonials

DigaCore takes advantage of positive comments through real-time website testimonials.

About DigaCore

Offering a range of services in Lakewood, NJ DigaCore Technology Consulting Company strives to support the IT needs of the organizations they work with throughout the region.

From backup and remote data storage to disaster recovery, cloud computing, and managed IT services, they have built a trusted relationship with their customers based on their expertise and attention to detail. They connected with Simplesat to better measure and understand what their customers thought about these services and to continuously improve them.

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Cory's a co-founder, builder and cheerleader at Simplesat. Also co-founder and co-owner at Pronto Group, home to Pronto Marketing (agency as a service for small business) and Pronto Tools (software development and startup studio).