Delightfully simple CSAT survey software

Before Simplesat

Out of touch with customer sentiment, unable to gather relevant customer data, and unsure how to use customer feedback to grow revenue.

After Simplesat

Able to collect immediate and honest customer satisfaction data and use it to improve the business and keep the team motivated.

Everything you need for turning CSAT feedback into action

customer satisfaction survey

There are hidden costs to the hacked together solutions businesses are already using. And they aren’t as effective at collecting feedback (and putting it into action) as they could be.

What you need is a single, centralized place to gather, measure, and publish customer feedback. That’s Simplesat!

Seamless integrations with your existing stack:

Companies are more in touch with their customers after switching to Simplesat

With Simplesat you’ll finally be able to understand how your customers feel, and how your team is performing.

Live customer feedback,
sourced by Simplesat!

Simplesat is a leader in customer feedback management

One-size-fits-all survey tools just don’t cut it anymore

Understanding the whole picture means integrating multiple channels, metrics, and delivery frequencies with the systems you already use. 

With Simplesat, you can embed CSAT or CES (Customer Effort Score) surveys in closed ticket notifications, gather NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback through quarterly emails, or send one-off surveys after a project is completed. You’re in control. 


CSAT Software - CSAT system for business - CSAT Survey Tool

Simplesat makes it fun and simple to track CSAT feedback from your customers. CSAT surveys are easily added to any helpdesk or CRM, including Zendesk, ConnectWise, Salesforce, Intercom, and Freshdesk.

Simplesat’s CSAT program is lightweight and straightforward. The CSAT software takes only 10 minutes to setup and runs on autopilot after that.

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Try a sample survey

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