Customer feedback has never been this easy.

  • Embed CSAT surveys in your helpdesk or email signatures
  • Send quarterly NPS (Net Promoter Score®) emails to your customers

Alex Markov,
CEO at Red Key Solutions
Uses Simplesat's one-click CSAT and
NPS surveys with ConnectWise

Powerful integrations to streamline your workflows

autotask customer satisfaction surveys
connectwise customer satisfaction surveys
zendesk customer satisfaction surveys
zapier customer satisfaction surveys
dropbox customer satisfaction surveys


Setup your fun, one-click CSAT survey in less than 10 minutes

We make it easy for you to capture customer feedback in ConnectWise, Autotask, Zendesk and a number of helpdesks and PSAs.

View a sample survey



Measure customer loyalty through quarterly NPS surveys

Put your Net Promoter Score surveys on autopilot with Simplesat.

Import and sync customers with ConnectWise, Autotask, Infusionsoft, Intercom and a growing list of sources.


Measure and improve your customer satisfaction

Simplesat makes it easy to track incoming CSAT feedback gathered through your helpdesk.
Spot problem areas, identify bright spots, and improve your customer experience!



Instantly publish positive client feedback as testimonials

Increase website conversions by providing social proof through positive testimonials. Publish feedback with one click and watch it instantly show up on your website


$79 per month, all-inclusive.

No matter the number of surveys, responses, users and customers in your account.

All plans include


One-click CSAT surveys

Fun and intuitive Good/Neutral/Bad surveys ready to embed in your closed ticket notification emails.


Automated NPS emails

Send recurring NPS (Net Promoter Score) emails to a synced or imported customer list.


Real-time testimonial widgets

Instantly publish real-time feedback on your website to increase social proof and improve conversions.


Customizable landing pages

Choose different text for follow-up and thank you page content based on your customer's response.


Unlimited users

Invite your entire team to have transparency into your company’s satisfaction.


Easy feedback visibility

See all ratings in an intuitive feedback stream, allowing you to filter by company, customer, sentiment and more.


Customer feedback insights

View satisfaction details for each individual customer.


Export feedback to Dropbox

Sync incoming feedback with your Dropbox account to integrate with BrightGauge or other BI tools.


ConnectWise and Autotask and Zendesk integrations

Connect through the API to enable advanced functionality.


Instant email notifications

Choose to get emails for only certain ratings, for example, only bad or neutral ratings with a comment.