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Transform customer feedback into an asset, gain a deeper understanding of your customer base, prevent cancellations, and reach new heights of success – all with Simplesat.

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Improve your agents’ performance with ticket CSAT

Every solved ticket is a new opportunity to build relationships with your customers. Simplesat provides an efficient and practical way to follow up with customer support tickets. After an initial setup time of under 10 minutes, feedback collection becomes automatic!

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Track customer sentiment at key moments with event-based emails

Simplify customer communication via event-triggered emails. Send personalized emails automatically after a purchase – or other event – to understand and address concerns. Frequent checkins help you ensure a seamless customer experience.


Share authentic testimonials from your customers

Simplesat’s feedback widgets let you publish positive feedback automatically as it comes in. Improve your website and boost credibility among your prospective customers.


Automatically receive Slack notifications with each new piece of feedback

Increase transparency with instant feedback arriving in Slack. Celebrate your team’s wins and respond immediately to negative feedback.

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Deepen your understanding of customer feedback with reporting dashboards

Become better-informed about your customers with the help of our robust reporting dashboards. Visualize and analyze your feedback data with a single click, unlock new insights and track trends over time. Data is the key to smarter decision-making and building a reputation that lasts – in any industry.

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