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Drive agent performance with ticket CSAT

Simplesat is the simplest and most effective way for E-commerce companies to gather customer feedback from every solved ticket. With a setup time of less than 10 minutes, the system runs itself afterward!

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Drive engagement at key moments with event-based emails

Streamline post-purchase communication with event-based emails. Automatically send personalized emails after a purchase to gather feedback, address concerns, and ensure a seamless customer experience.


Get immediate post-checkout feedback

Capture valuable feedback from customers right after checkout with web-embed surveys. Gain insights into their post-purchase experience, identify pain points, and take proactive measures to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.


Keep the pulse with Slack notifications

Embrace transparency and instant feedback. Be notified of negative feedback in real-time or celebrate your team’s wins!

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Gain a clear view of your customer feedback with reporting dashboards

Empower your E-commerce business with Simplesat’s robust reporting dashboards. Seamlessly visualize and analyze your feedback data, unlocking valuable insights that drive smarter decision-making, optimize customer experiences, and propel your business to new heights.

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