Simplesat for Startups


Our Simplesat for Startups program offers a free 6-month subscription to qualifying startups. You get all the features available in our paid plan, including live customer support (every weekday, 5am – 11pm UTC).

What’s included?

Qualified startups should meet all of the criteria below:


Why do Startups need a feedback tool?

Startup investors will look at your churn rate to determine your potential for long-term growth.

To prevent churn, you need to understand why your customers are unhappy before they cancel.

Given the right context, customers can clearly articulate their problems, but it’s your job to come up with the solution.
— Ash Maurya: Running Lean

It’s on you to make it easy for your customer base to share their feedback with you.

Ways to increase customer feedback rates

That's where Simplesat comes in!

We understand that in the first two years of a startup’s life, everything is still up in the air. Your company’s survival depends on making decisions quickly.

With Simplesat, customer feedback collection becomes effortless. You don’t have to worry about how best to approach your customers — we’ll take care of that for you.

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