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Simplesat’s not just a survey tool. It’s a customer feedback management platform built to give you the insight you need to make real improvements to customer service, boost team morale, and generate more reviews.


"Compared with our previous feedback survey, Simplesat took our feedback % from less than 1% to over 40%. That's monumental and gives us a MUCH better pulse on our customers."

Customized (and fun!)

Questionnaires don’t have to be boring. With Simplesat, your surveys will be fun, intuitive, and unique to your brand and vision.

  • Customize logo, background color, and all survey elements
  • Fun, intuitive survey design and layout increases response rates
  • Looks great on every device, even mobile

Embed anywhere

Simplesat surveys can integrate with just about any helpdesk, CRM, or email service provider. Embed them directly in your existing email templates and workflows.

  • Direct integrations with Zendesk, ConnectWise, Autotask and Freshdesk
  • Dynamic placeholders support integrations with nearly any helpdesk
  • Works in Gmail and Outlook email signatures
  • CSAT and NPS metrics both available to embed

Send through email

Put customer surveys on autopilot by emailing directly from Simplesat.

  • Upload customers via CSV
  • Sync contacts with ConnectWise, Autotask, Infusionsoft, and Intercom
  • Send from your own email domain
  • Choose the time of day, day of the week, and sending frequency

Multi-question surveys

Gain more feedback context with optional custom follow-up questions. Answers are automatically saved in real time, so you don’t miss anything if a survey is abandoned.

  • Unlimited questions per survey
  • Intuitive and engaging card-style transitions make moving through surveys a breeze
  • Ability to review or skip questions increases user participation

Different question types

Gain more feedback context with optional custom follow-up questions. Simplesat’s original card-style transitions make moving through surveys a breeze. 

  • 2, 3, 4 and 5-scale multiple choice
  • 0-10 sliding scale
  • Open-ended question

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

NPS is a means of measuring customer loyalty through a simple question: How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

  • Simplesat is a licensed Net Promoter Score vendor
  • NPS question can be embedded or sent via email
  • Web survey contains 0-10 sliding scale


A Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey is a short, easy way to ask your customers about their recent experience.

  • Easy to embed in ConnectWise, Zendesk, Autotask, Freshdesk, and many other helpdesks and email signatures
  • Fun and engaging rating icons
  • Supports 2, 3, 4 and 5-scale CSAT


"Simplesat walked me through setting up notifications in Slack so we can keep our whole company aware of how we're doing, and more important, where we need to improve."
Blake Freeman
Support Lead at Rise Vision

Instant emails

Keep your team on the same page with informative email notifications.

  • Each Simplesat user can configure their notification preferences
  • Options to receive only certain types of results (ex. only negative ratings with a comment)
  • Send notifications to email groups or Microsoft Teams connectors

Email summaries

Receive weekly summaries for each survey in your account. 

  • Each Simplesat user can opt-in to the summaries they want to receive
  • Receive easy to view high-level satisfaction stats every Monday
  • Generate a separate summary report for each survey

Slack and Microsoft Teams

Send customer ratings directly to Slack or Microsoft Teams.

  • Route all feedback to a channel to provide transparency to customer service or management teams
  • Send only positive feedback to a #WINS channel for positive vibes ❤️
  • Weekly and monthly summaries including trends and leaderboards


"We love how simple it is to use, quick for our clients, and the transparency of the dashboards."

Survey insights

Keep a close eye on your team and favorite clients through the detailed insights page. Make use of the filters to focus on the data that matters.

  • 90-day moving average line charts
  • Bar charts to visualize ratings over time
  • Leaderboards for companies, customers, and team members
  • Results summary for each individual survey question
zendesk customer satisfaction survey

Advanced filtering

Adding filters enables you to create reports for a client, a group of team members, or any other information you’re looking to present.

  • Choose from date presets, or any custom range
  • Filter by company, customer, team member, or any specific attributes synced through tickets or customers
  • Bookmark filtered URLs for easy access

Answers drilldown

Reveal the exact feedback you’re looking for by clicking anywhere in the insights section.

  • Drilldown shows a table of all important feedback information
  • Click on any stat to reveal answers matching that criteria
  • Gain full transparency into who said what

Feedback details

Stay on top of activity by viewing a stream of incoming feedback from all surveys in your account. 

  • Click any feedback to show all details and information
  • Filter with options such as the team member, client, or sentiment
  • Export to CSV
  • Publish feedback to website testimonials in one click

Power reporting

Pivot table style reports unlock all of your feedback data, allowing you to answer your questions and find insight faster.

  • Segment by customer, team member, tag, date, and all other custom attributes associated with your feedback
  • Answer questions such as “Which of our clients have 75% or below CSAT?”, or “How has our NPS score changed month over month for the past year?”
  • Export all data to CSV so you can continue to geek out in Excel or Google Sheets

Printable PDF reports

Impress your clients and motivate your team by exporting survey data directly to a PDF file.

  • Reports include survey stats, charts, leaderboards, and feedback details
  • Filter by customer, survey, or any other fields to customize your reports
  • Great for sharing with teams or customers over email or in presentations


Feedback is organized in one place so you don’t need to search through emails or tickets to determine who said what.

  • View all feedback history for each customer
  • Filter by email or company
  • Import customers through CSV, or sync with ConnectWise, Autotask, Intercom, or Infusionsoft

BrightGauge and Power BI

After connecting, BrightGauge or Power BI will import and sync Simplesat answers for you to use in gauges, dashboards, and reports.

  • One-time connection process
  • Map Simplesat fields to the ones in your system
  • Enjoy detailed feedback reports, directly in BrightGauge or Power BI!

Testimonials and Reviews

"Really like the ability to publish comments from clients on our website keeping it fresh, genuine and informative for prospects."

One-click feedback publishing

Ensure your website stays fresh and up to date by publishing the testimonials collected with Simplesat directly to your website, with one-click.

  • Copy and paste the widget code on your website
  • Customize your display options
  • Appears on your website in real time!

Testimonial widget

The popup widget makes it easy to display testimonials on any or all pages of your website, without having to rearrange any existing content or sections.

  • Add the widget javascript code to any page of your website
  • Display up to 10 recent testimonials
  • Appears in lower left corner to avoid conflicts with chatbot widgets

CSAT score widget

Proud of your CSAT score? Share it with the world!

  • Include CSAT score for any survey in your account
  • Show/hide smiley option
  • Score updates in real-time

Automate 5-star reviews in Google

When a customer leaves positive feedback, you know they’re happy and you have their attention. Take advantage of this opportunity by directing them to leave a review.

Customer surveys don't have to be boring

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