Collect feedback the right way

Simplesat’s not just a survey tool. It’s a customer feedback management platform built to give you the insight you need to make real improvements to customer service, boost team morale, and generate more reviews.

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πŸ’¬ Surveys

Customized (and fun!)

Questionnaires don’t have to be boring. With Simplesat, your surveys will be fun, intuitive, and unique to your brand and vision.

Embed anywhere

Simplesat surveys can integrate with just about any helpdesk, CRM, or email service provider. Embed them directly in your existing email templates and workflows.

Send one-off or ongoing email surveys

Schedule a one-time blast, or put customer surveys on autopilot by emailing directly from Simplesat.

Personalized emails

Customize the intro and outro content of your emails to stand out from other generic surveys.

Automated follow-up reminders

Simplesat’s automated follow-up feature gives you the chance to send email reminders to customers who haven’t taken action yet, thus improving response rates.

Multi-question surveys

Gain more feedback context with optional custom follow-up questions. Answers are automatically saved in real time, so you don’t miss anything if a survey is abandoned.

Different question types

Gain more feedback context with optional custom follow-up questions. Simplesat’s original card-style transitions make moving through surveys a breeze.

NPS is a means of measuring customer loyalty through a simple question: How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

A Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey is a short, easy way to ask your customers about their recent experience.

CES surveys measure the effort a customer has put in to use your product or services, or how easy it was for them to get their issues resolved by your customer support team.

πŸ”” Notifications

Instant emails

Keep your team on the same page with informative email notifications.

Email summaries

Receive weekly summaries for each survey in your account.

Slack and Microsoft Teams

Send customer ratings directly to Slack or Microsoft Teams

πŸ“Š Reporting

Survey insights

Keep a close eye on your team and favorite clients through the detailed insights page. Make use of the filters to focus on the data that matters.

Advanced filtering

Adding filters enables you to create reports for a client, a group of team members, or any other information you’re looking to present.

Answers drilldown

Reveal the exact feedback you’re looking for by clicking anywhere in the insights section.

Feedback details

Stay on top of activity by viewing a stream of incoming feedback from all surveys in your account.

Power reporting

Pivot table style reports unlock all of your feedback data, allowing you to answer your questions and find insight faster.

Printable PDF reports

Impress your clients and motivate your team by exporting survey data directly to a PDF file.


Feedback is organized in one place so you don’t need to search through emails or tickets to determine who said what.

BrightGauge and Power BI

After connecting, BrightGauge or Power BI will import and sync Simplesat answers for you to use in gauges, dashboards, and reports.

✨ Testimonials and Reviews

One-click feedback publishing

Ensure your website stays fresh and up to date by publishing the testimonials collected with Simplesat directly to your website, with one-click.

Fully customizable widgets

All widgets can be extensively customized, allowing you to mach your existing website’s design and style.

Live satisfaction score widget

Proud of your satisfaction score? Share it with the world!

Automate 5-star reviews in Google

When a customer leaves positive feedback, you know they’re happy and you have their attention. Take advantage of this opportunity by directing them to leave a review.

πŸ› οΈ Odds and Ends

Granular user permissions

Simplesat permissions make it easy for you to configure access for executives to managers to interns.

Public API

Extend Simplesat’s functionality even further with the public API.

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