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Customer experiences through insightful data and meaningful interactions

The customer might not always be right, but they certainly have an opinion.

Simplesat’s focus is asking the right questions, at the right time, to get those opinions. Launched in 2016 as an offshoot of Pronto Marketing, Simplesat is a complete customer satisfaction solution for small to medium sized MSPs and technology companies.

Business owners, operations directors and service managers around the world use Simplesat to collect, measure and publish feedback from their customers.

Improving customer satisfaction takes more than just launching a survey.

In order for feedback to have a real changing impact in an organization, it needs to connect and seamlessly integrate with critical systems like CRMs, helpdesks and chat apps.

Our mission is to make that happen by shipping early, often, listening to our customers and then doing it all over again.

And of course having a little fun along the way too.

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