Scaling up and reaching out: a 2023 retrospective & what lies ahead for Simplesat



New Features in 2023

Q1 Dashboard Redesign

Q2 Survey Improvements

Q3 New Delivery Methods

Q4 Authentication and Security

New Integrations in 2023

Community and Partnerships

Future Plans for 2024 and Beyond

Your Voice in Our Journey


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This has been an amazing year for Simplesat.

We’ve been hard at work on new features and integrations. We also had some excellent conversations with our partners and our customers, expanding our understanding of the challenges of effective customer feedback management.

Here at the tail-end of the year, we’d love to share an overview of our achievements, as well as a sneak peek into what awaits in 2024.

New features overview — making Simplesat streamlined, secure, and more customizable than ever before

Q1: Dashboard Redesign

At the beginning of the year, we started working on a more robust and less cluttered dashboard.

With the new sidebar contextual menus and changed navbar, the dashboard looks sleek and minimalist.

We set the stage for future dynamic content, widgets, custom dashboards, survey dashboards, new widgets, and different dashboard views for easier organization.

We added a new Questions tab, which lets you see stats and widgets for each question individually.

Q2: Building better surveys

After that, our primary focus was on improving surveys and filtering, based on what our users were asking for.

  • Multi-select question type. This lets you ask follow-up questions where the respondent can choose more than one option from a list.
  • Five-star surveys. In addition to CSAT, CES, and NPS, Simplesat now offers five-star customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Expiring surveys. If you like, you can set any survey to lock within a predetermined number of hours. This helps lock in your data and avoid future data contamination.
  • New filtering conditions make it much easier and more intuitive to zoom in on the data from any segment of your user base.
Sending the right surveys to the right customers — and at the right time.

Q3: New delivery methods

Web embeds allow you to embed the survey on any part of your website, which is especially important for SaaS companies. Our experience shows that web embeds tend to have higher feedback rates than email-based surveys!

Event-based email surveys mean that you can schedule for a survey to be sent out after a request is made at an API endpoint. For example, an e-commerce company might send out surveys after each completed transaction.

Use a multi-channel approach but avoid spamming (and annoying) your customers.

Substantial improvements were made to the survey builder as well, such as the ability to rearrange questions and choices after the survey creation is complete.

Q4: A focus on security and authentication

In the last quarter, we made significant strides in fortifying our platform’s authentication and security measures.

  • Email verification on new user signups, as a way to counter spam accounts
  • Revamped signup and login pages with a focus on simplicity
  • New login methods, including Google and Microsoft, and a comprehensive SSO feature
  • Strengthened SSO enforcement rules, enabling the imposition of mandatory SSO logins
  • Launched a Directory Sync add-on that establishes a connection with the identity provider, enabling automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts
  • Tools to map users to specific groups (especially beneficial for larger companies managing multiple tools)
  • Audit logs for users on the Pro plan

Expanding integrations

Throughout the year, we kept adding new integrations based on customer feedback, and we’re happy to say we covered every common request from our users.

In 2024, we are going to focus on existing integrations and find ways to offer enhanced and seamless user experiences. Right now we’re working on ways to embed Simplesat within Zendesk and Jira’s apps.

Community engagement

We hope you’ve been checking out our ongoing webinar series! We launched both the MSP Insights series and the CS Unleashed webinars this year. We had great conversations with managed service providers, IT professionals, and customer success teams, trading insights into building better customer experiences.

The SimCity Slack community emerged as a vibrant hub for direct interaction. It provided users with a platform to engage with our team directly, discuss updates, and access timely information about events and developments.

Partnering with Carbonfund, we also took proactive steps toward offsetting Simplesat’s carbon emissions. By contributing to environmental initiatives like reforestation and renewable energy sources, we want to create a positive impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

Simplesat in 2024 — innovation and user-centric growth

A short list of updates you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced reporting and surveys: Building upon the foundation laid in 2023, we plan to introduce custom dashboards and better reporting. For example, we’re planning to try out feedback display in the form of tables or kanban boards.
  • New survey-building features: The evolution of our survey builder continues with the addition of new question types such as stack ranking or matrix questions. We’re also thinking of adding an option to build surveys with multiple questions on the same page.
  • Refining delivery methods: We’re adding in-app surveys for iOS and Android, along with further improvements to web embedding and event-based email surveys.
  • Deepening integrations: As always, we want to adapt Simplesat to our users’ existing workflows.
  • AI-Powered insights: Our team is looking into ways to apply new AI technology, with the goal of delivering curated insights and reports.
  • Enterprise-grade upgrades: Our current priority is strengthening Simplesat’s enterprise-grade features, including SOC 2 compliance, customizable user permissions, and retention settings.

We hope you join the journey

Your feedback and engagement remain instrumental to Simplesat’s development.

Please check out our end-of-the-year survey and influence our roadmap directly.

You can also join us in SimCity, take part in webinars, and share your thoughts and suggestions via the website chat. Help us tailor Simplesat to your evolving needs!

Thank you for being with us in 2023. 🎊

The Simplesat team is thrilled to begin this fresh chapter, and we’re fully devoted to ensuring that 2024 becomes an even more exceptional year for you.

Happy New Year! ❤️

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