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Business France is a French governmental agency tasked with promoting inward investment into the French economy, and the development of French exporters throughout the world. 

With thousands of employees across the globe, the IT Department faces a serious challenge keeping their users connected, able to do their jobs, and happy with the IT support they receive.

😭 The Problem

To monitor satisfaction levels for their services, the IT department created their own IT service management (ITSM) application in-house. Unfortunately, it was never able to deliver the results they needed, returning only a 0.01% response rate.

According to Jérémy Le Floch, IT Manager for Business France, their ITSM system proved very slow and lacked integration capabilities. Re-writing it would require resources they didn’t have and couldn’t afford. It was failing to provide visibility into the team’s successes or shortcomings, and their motivation levels were falling as a result.

“All of this was generating frustration: the very slow application, a 0.01% response rate, and the lack of automatic feedback reports. We are doing IT support for our users but we don’t know if they are satisfied with us, and which points we should do better.”

🤔 Why Simplesat?

With an urgent need to understand their users’ experiences and measure their own performance, Jérémy and his team turned to Simplesat. They appreciated Simplesat’s quick setup and integration with their directory and ITSM tools. The real-time dashboard offered a very appealing way to monitor the CSAT data from their thousands of users across the globe. Finally, the one-click survey format was exactly what they needed to get useful feedback from their users with the least amount of time and effort.

“With the real-time dashboard, our technicians really enjoy seeing the evolution of the overall satisfaction of the team. We managed to create real team spirit thanks to it.”

💡 The Solution

For Business France, Simplesat was a quick and easy way to fix the issues with their in-house ITSM application. They were able to customize their survey questions, change them from English to French, integrate with their in-house ITSM tool, and send out their first surveys – all in under an hour.

“Easiest tool to implement, easiest CSAT survey to answer, ever. The one-click survey makes the difference, as it’s the easiest way for a user to give their feedback without too much time they might not have. Both IT teams and users can use it very easily.”

🏆 The Results

As a result of their switch to Simplesat, the Business France IT Department is more engaged with their users and more confident about delivering successful outcomes. They are better able to understand their own performance and its impact on user experiences, and this has led to increased team motivation and user satisfaction.

“Now we are much closer to our users. Our IT technicians are highly motivated when they receive the green thumbs-up with comments. As an IT team, we now are able to better understand what processes should be changed in order to give our users an easier way to use their IT.”

With Simplesat in place, they have seen user engagement increase an astonishing 229,000%:

“In a few weeks, we went from 0.01% response rate to 23% for the CSAT questionnaires – much better than expected, and higher than the average for internal IT support, which is generally between 10% and 15%.”

Just as importantly, Jérémy’s team has surpassed its own goal for user satisfaction: 

“Our IT support had an objective of 90% satisfaction and we are now around 95%, because our technicians involve themselves better by following the indicators, and the management is attentive to our users’ feedback.”

Simplesat has enabled the Business France IT Department to measure what they are doing right, and where they need to do more. The team is delivering improved IT support to their users around the world, and a more positive environment for their members.

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About Business France

Business France is a national agency headquartered in Paris, serving the internationalization of the French economy. It is responsible for the development of French exporters, as well as prospecting and welcoming international investments in France.  Business France has 1,500 employees in 124 countries.

Office photo of Business France team
The Business France team in action!

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