Embracing empathy: why Simplesat’s support team stands out

At Simplesat, we believe in the importance of stellar customer support, and we love working with partners who share this priority.

Genatec is an IT leader in Canada, providing comprehensive IT solutions & consultation to SMBs.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Peter Salvo, Customer Success Manager at Genatec, and find out how Simplesat helps his team ensure top-notch and personalized customer experiences.

Check out the interview here, or read on to see how we’ve contributed to Genatec’s excellence.

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Simplesat strengths

✨ Efficient, pleasant, and welcoming customer success interactions
✨ Flexible pricing scheme
✨ Objective data on agent performance
✨ Comprehensive help documentation
✨ Seamless Connectwise, Salesforce, and Power BI integrations
✨ Personalized support: the CS team knows the specifics of Genatec’s integrations
✨ “The easiest and smoothest onboarding experience ever”

Why choose Simplesat?

Peter has a background in the automotive industry; he knows that customer satisfaction surveys make a massive difference when it comes to providing a high-quality customer experience.

For a while, Genatec had no objective insight into their customers’ satisfaction levels. They eventually started looking for a solution in the Connectwise marketplace. They needed to fit a customer feedback management tool into their existing workflow, and they landed on one of our competitors.

But they soon made the switch to Simplesat, mainly because of the pricing scheme: our offer was a better fit for Genatec’s size and the volume of feedback they were receiving. Our Connectwise integration had (and still has!) excellent reviews.

Then Peter’s team started working more closely with our experts, and it became clear that Simplesat was a perfect partner for Genatec in the long run.

Why real human warmth matters

Genatec uses our Connectwise integration, and here’s what Peter remembers about setting it up:

“It was the easiest and smoothest experience I think I’ve ever had with onboarding of a third party. You have the appropriate documentation everywhere inside of your website, so I was going in and trying to figure out how to do it myself. At one point, I got to maybe 90% but there was that 10% missing that maybe I just wasn’t understanding something properly. So I reached out to your team, and they were able to get me up and running within five minutes.”

Many of our IT-oriented clients have a DIY mindset. Using Simplesat is intuitive and straightforward, so there is a great deal that our clients can do unassisted.

But if there’s a bump in the road, our support team is happy to step in. That’s why our CS motto is Always Humans, Never Bots: our experts meet the client exactly where they are at. Instead of wasting our clients’ time with canned, automated responses, the Support team gets straight to the point. They are knowledgeable about the specifics of each integration and the unique needs of every client.

Peter also notes that the CS team has a friendly, direct manner that feels like a breath of fresh air in a world of impersonal formality. Our agents are perfectly happy to use and receive emojis and gifs, providing a bright spot in a long workday. And they communicate clearly instead of using bland customer service jargon.

According to Peter, working with our Support team is a positive experience even if there’s no immediate solution to be found. They make it easy for our clients to ask questions and look for new ways to improve their customer feedback strategy. Our CS agents make sure that clients always feel respected, and the occasional problem gets handled with optimistic professionalism.

Finding room to grow based on feedback

Genatec’s service team uses Connectwise for the most part, while the Sales team is mostly based on Salesforce. In the future, Peter hopes to implement surveys to more closely monitor their Sales agents’ performance.

When it comes to technicians, using Simplesat has been a game-changer. Managers have the opportunity to track tech CSAT scores and set up scoreboards. There is more clarity and less guesswork.

Genatec stands as a beacon of excellence within the IT industry, renowned for its superior technical solutions and unwavering commitment to quality. Their expertise ensures that the foundation of their service delivery is solid, characterized by precision and a deep understanding of their clients’ needs. To complement their comprehensive offerings, Genatec employs Simplesat, a tool that enhances their strong suit—exceptional customer service and communication. This partnership enriches Genatec’s ability to engage with clients, providing nuanced insights through CSAT feedback, which polishes and perfects their communication strategies, ensuring every client feels heard and valued.

This strategic incorporation of Simplesat into their operations exemplifies Genatec’s dedication to continuous improvement and excellence. Simplesat’s feedback mechanisms enable Genatec to swiftly identify and act on any opportunities for refinement, ensuring their services not only meet but exceed client expectations. This proactive approach to leveraging customer insights strengthens Genatec’s position as a leader in the IT field, highlighting its commitment to innovation, operational efficiency, and a customer-first mindset.

Peter Salvo cut to the heart of the matter: Simplesat helps the people whose job is to keep customers happy. We are passionate about improving the level of service in the world, and that’s why we’re a great fit for Genatec. This partnership is based on shared values, and we hope to keep working together for a very long time.

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