EP.03 – Tier2Tech: Prioritizing customer satisfaction as your business edge

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Key takeaways

Together with Tier2Tech CEO Alex Permenter and COO Elizabeth Copeland, we’ve talked about their main strategy for building their clientele while building their business in spite of not having a marketing budget.

Check out Tier2tech and see how they can help power your business and level up our customer service by utilizing the best of what technology can do. You can find them on www.tier2.tech and www.helpdeskbuttons.com.

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"And now when get negative feedback or if somebody is upset about something, I love it. It's the best thing that happens because it's an opportunity for us to go out and fix it and fix it in a big, big way."

"You know, the difficult clients, the difficult customers, the customers that don't listen to you, the customers that are cheap, the customers that you know don't communicate and, and complain a lot. They're the ones that make you better."

"There's something to be said for going out and doing sales and marketing. There's nothing wrong with that. But you can have a very profitable business with very good growth by focusing on service or at least making that a really big part of your offering."

"One of our rules on communication is that it doesn't count as communication unless it's bi-directional. So if you send somebody an email and they don't respond, or you leave a voicemail or a call and they don't respond back, then it doesn't count as you communicating with them because they haven't acknowledged and accepted the thing that you said."

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