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Passion, promptness, professionalism: meet the members of the Simplesat Support Team! They’re all dedicated to meeting your questions with immediate and effective solutions.

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✨ Meet the team

Elliot Fox

Head of Customer Success

Meet Elliot, our Head of Customer Success. With a flair for onboarding customers and a knack for turning complex use cases into a cakewalk, Elliot is the go-to person for simplifying the seemingly impossible.

Hannah Logan

Customer Success Team Lead

Hannah has a decade of industry expertise under her belt, and she knows all there is to know about Simplesat. Armed with the ultimate mantra—good customer service above all!—she’s the grandmaster of understanding client needs.

Pete Guindalos

Product Expert

“In each piece of feedback lies the key to progress.”

Pete understands the rhythm of feedback, seeing opportunities for improvement in details others might miss. With his help, you’re sure to see the patterns behind the data, and he’ll help you make sure you’re using Simplesat to its full potential.

Yul Aranas

Product Expert

Introducing Yul, the tech whisperer with six years of professional experience and a passion for all things digital. He loves problem-solving and making sure each customer walks away satisfied. He treats customer interactions like a high-stakes puzzle: dissecting needs, identifying pain points, and applying solutions with the finesse of a virtuoso.

Angel Labininay

Customer Technical Support

Angel is the troubleshooter extraordinaire of Simplesat’s Customer Technical Support team. As a seasoned expert, she stands ready to guide you through the intricacies of customer feedback collection.

Jeremy Dela Paz

Customer Technical Support

This is Jeremy, an experienced Customer Service Specialist with a profound commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. Jeremy has a knack for nurturing long-lasting customer relationships, and he harbors a deep passion for ensuring client satisfaction in any circumstances.

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