Data Security Overview

Data Security Overview

Simplesat Data Security Overview

The Simplesat platform has a large number of enterprise security features that make us a trusted customer feedback system for hundreds of companies and thousands of users. Simplesat has implemented reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, organizational, and physical security measures in line with the requirements of applicable law to ensure that the level of security of personal data is appropriate to the level of risk associated with processing such personal data, and to help ensure the protection of the rights of individuals.

Security Measures:  

Some of the highlights of the security measures we’ve put in place include:

  • Security Processes – Simplesat has implemented processes and procedures related to cloud security management, server security management, network security management, identity and access management, and data transmission management.
  • Two-factor authentication – Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of security used when logging into websites or apps. With 2FA, you have to log into Simplesat with your username and password and provide another form of authentication that only you know or have access to.
  • Secure Amazon Web Services Hosting – Simplesat is hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Strong Passwords – Simplesat has implemented strong password practices for all employees. 
  • Regular Backups – Simplesat ensures that all system data is automatically backed up on a regular basis.
  • Wireless Access Control – Simplesat has created a separate wireless network for personal or untrusted devices.
  • Need to Know Access – Simplesat protects all information stored on systems with file system, network share, claims, application, or database specific access control lists.

If you would like to see the full list of our security measures, please submit your request to

GDPR Contract Update:  

Both Simplesat and its customers are jointly and separately responsible for certain actions under applicable data protection laws. Simplesat’s Terms of Service provides the fundamental legal requirements and obligations regarding data ownership and processing responsibilities. However, if you would like to execute a separate Data Processing Addendum (DPA) with Simplesat with GDPR-specific language, please contact You can view and download the latest version of Simplesat’s DPA here.

GDPR Roles and Employees:   

Simplesat has designated Cory Brown as our Security Officer, to develop and implement our roadmap for complying with data protection requirements.  He is responsible for promoting awareness of data privacy and security across the organization, assessing our security readiness, identifying any gap areas and implementing new policies, procedures, technologies, and measures to address such gaps. 

Simplesat understands that continuous employee awareness and understanding is vital to the continued data security compliance and have involved our employees in our preparation plans. 

If you have any questions about our data security preparations, please email us at

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