Simplesat enhances customer feedback capabilities with one-click CSAT Zendesk integration

Seattle, WA — Simplesat announces an intuitive one-click CSAT solution that seamlessly integrates with Zendesk, Inc. customer service and engagement platform.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical that companies have consistent and up-to-date satisfaction data. Even more important is having deeper insights to customer satisfaction, while having the ability to share positive reviews on websites and social media in a timely and efficient manner.

“Simplesat was born out of Pronto Marketing’s 10 years of supporting with thousands of small businesses around the world with Zendesk Help Center.” Cory Brown, Co-founder of Pronto Marketing and CEO at Simplesat said. “We know how important getting timely customer feedback is to them. At Pronto we’ve always strived to have the best data, get the deepest insights from it and share the good news and reviews with the world. Ultimately our quest led us to build a fully feature and integrated system that you see in Simplesat today.”

Simplesat at a Glance:

  • Measure and improve your customer satisfaction – The Simplesat app makes it easy to track incoming CSAT feedback gathered through Zendesk Help Center. This enables users to spot problem areas, identify bright spots, and improve customer experience based on real-time data.
  • Instantly publish positive client feedback as testimonials – Simplesat increases website conversions by providing social proof through positive testimonials within Zendesk tickets. Feedback and positive reviews can be published direct to websites with one click.
  • Zendesk Integration – the Simplesat integration works seamlessly with all editions of Zendesk providing real time CSAT data from within Zendesk.
  • Simple & Fair Pricing – Starting at just $33 per month, Simplesat is easy, and cost-effective to get going, and can scale with growing companies.

About Simplesat

Simplesat, a startup within the Pronto Marketing agency, is a customer satisfaction service aimed at SMEs looking to improve their service and gain more awareness through testimonials and positive reviews.

Pronto Marketing is a leader in SME online marketing services solutions since 2008.

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