Simplesat is now in the Zapier Directory

Simplesat is designed to integrate with the communication and feedback channels used by service companies to solicit feedback and interact with their customers. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our recent inclusion in the Zapier app directory.

Zapier is a powerful bridge between thousands of apps, allowing businesses to collect and work with data across their ecosystems, even when there are no native integrations. By partnering with Zapier, our users can now connect Simplesat feedback to more than 1000 different apps.

That flexibility opens up hundreds of new options for how to collect, analyze and use valuable customer feedback data.

Using Zapier and Simplesat for your business

There are several use cases by which you can connect Zapier to Simplesat and other apps your business is already using, including:

  • CRM Integration – Keep contacts in your CRM up to date with their latest satisfaction ratings, automatically formatted and updated for quick, visibility by your account management and sales teams.
  • Slack Integration – Send feedback to a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel. Highlight the good and bad alike for select teams to see in real time.
  • Social Media Publishing – Publish positive feedback as testimonials to Facebook or Twitter to promote your best interactions with customers.
  • Support Tickets – Create support tickets to follow up with unsatisfied customers in a growing number of ticketing systems.

Here are some of the specific examples of Zaps you can use (click “Use this Zap” to get started immediately!)

Get started with a free Zapier account to create new Zaps and start porting your customer feedback data to the systems you use most. Here’s some more information on how to get started with Simplesat and Zapier.

One of the best benefits of being listed in the Zapier directory is the ability to add more actions and triggers that expand the functionality of Simplesat based on the specific needs of our customers. Reach out and let us know which features would be most beneficial for your business!

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