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How it works


Spread the word!

When your friends use your unique link or mention your name during their free trial, we’ll make note of it.


Your friend subscribes, you get paid

Elite Plan: Get $800
Pro Plan: Get $400
Standard Plan: Get $200


Your friend gets paid

Your friends get the same amazing discount you do when they sign up:
Elite Plan: $800 off!
Pro Plan: $400 off!
Standard Plan: $200 off!

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Start your Partner Program application easily! Just share a few details about yourself and your business. A dedicated Partner Manager will then reach out to personally discuss your goals and guide you through the next steps



Need help?

Looking for the perfect partner program? Our FAQs answer all your questions! Want personalized guidance? Schedule a call or chat with us now!

Earn USD 800, USD 400 or USD 200 for each qualified sign-up using your unique referral link. No need to handle sales, marketing, or support. We track everything for you.

By using your unique referral link

A dedicated member of the Simplesat team will contact your referred client to introduce them to our solutions and answer any questions they may have. You’ll be included in a copy of the introductory email, ensuring transparency and keeping you informed throughout the process

Payments are made on a monthly basis

There are no minimum sales requirements. Refer to as many people as you like!

Our referral partners receive marketing support presentations specifically designed for their audience

We encourage you to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information. We’re here to help you succeed!

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