“Simplesat does everything we need and more. It allows us to send follow-up emails to customers who have just opened and closed a ticket with our helpdesk. New features like the option to send out periodic Net Promoter Score surveys, as well as the option to prompt customers who give you positive feedback to leave your business reviews on Facebook and Google, completely fill a void we previously had. Support responses are always super quick and truly helpful.

If you are looking for a good way to truly get a feel for your customers’ perceptions of your relationship, Simplesat is a great tool for doing so. Additionally, if you’re looking to boost Facebook and Google reviews, the built-in features allow for ease doing this. Many social reputation building platforms don’t allow you to specifically prompt customers who have expressed positive feedback before prompting them to leave a review. Simplesat only prompts customers who have said their experience was good, creating a barrier to protect your reputation from clients who may not leave a positive review.”

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