Jim S.

“There is a lot to like about Simplesat. Overall, I would say that the product hits EXACTLY the right features and needs of a service based business without getting bogged down in the technical. As a business owner, I want to be certain that we’re consistently delivering a helpful, friendly and efficient user experience. Simplesat, and its integration into our CRM, makes that possible.

Within an hour of running through the setup wizards, I had a contact synchronization set, tickets setup by owner, then by shared resource, then by most time, I was able to quickly and easily embed the surveys into our CSAT ticket process and I was able to export survey results to our BI dashboard system (BrightGauge). The entire way through the process, I was able to work with the actual devs and senior engineers and the whole process was simple and straightforward.

We were able to fully utilize the other advanced features quickly as well. Documentation was solid and clear and any snafu we ran into we had answered within a few hours.

The reason we chose Simplesat was because it not only had the CSAT component, but the all important Net Promoter score as well. With the customer sync, we’re also able to really see who is interacting with us and who we need to get feedback from.”

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