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Capture and act on customer insights effortlessly with Simplesat.

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Surveys your customers will love

Simplesat's fun, customizable surveys reflect your brand, elevating the feedback process. This playful personalization sparks increased response rates and nurtures brand loyalty.


Analytics your team can understand

More than collecting feedback, Simplesat deciphers it. Our dashboards offer a digestible overview. Dive deeper for insights, or craft custom reports to find specific answers.


Stay updated on the go

With our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, receive instant feedback notifications. Prefer email? Subscribe for alerts. Don't miss a beat and close the feedback loop anytime, anywhere.


Your marketing team’s secret weapon

Simplesat's end-of-survey review buttons amplify 5-star reviews. Display positive feedback live on your website and sync stellar ratings to your CRM to reveal your biggest fans.

Simplesat is a leader in customer feedback management

Simplicity, flexibility, an amazing support team. We’re here to make our clients’ lives easier. See below why they love Simplesat!

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