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CS Unleashed Webinar Series

Beyond Satisfaction: How to Leverage Technology for Proactive Customer Success

During this one-time FREE webinar, you’ll get practical strategies for instilling customer-centric values in your organization.
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Who Can Make the Most of It?

Join us for a dynamic panel webinar featuring CS leaders from Simplesat, Upflow, and Vitally as we delve into the heart of Customer Success innovation.

This engaging session will explore how each company has uniquely integrated customer-centric values into their operations, the role of cutting-edge technology in enhancing customer experiences, and the key metrics that define success in our industry.

Our panelists will share real-world examples, insights on adopting a customer-first mindset across all team levels, and predictions on the evolving role of Customer Success.

Whether you’re looking to refine your CS strategy or inspire your team with forward-thinking approaches, this webinar is designed to provide actionable insights and inspire a new wave of customer-centric innovation in your organization.

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Samantha Semuhin

Customer Success Manager
Samantha is a Strategic Customer Success Manager at Upflow where she has shaped and nurtured a culture of excellence..She has a passion for delivering exceptional results and innovative problem-solving to the realm of Customer Success.

Celine Doumar

Senior CSM at Vitally
Celine is a Sr CSM at Vitally, a leading CSP. She embarked on her journey in Customer Success almost a decade ago (before it was called Customer Success) at a large organization, moving from Mid Market Customer Success to Enterprise Implementation. When she moved to New York five years ago, she transitioned into the dynamic world of startups, and has since worn many CS hats. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Elliot Fox

Head of Customer Success at Simplesat
Hi! I’m Elliot the head of Customer Success at Simplesat. Passionate about onboarding customers and finding simple solutions to complex use cases.

Cory Brown

CEO of Simplesat
Cory is fueled by a passion for customer service and a dedication to helping his own clients achieve excellence in their service offerings. With 15 years of experience collaborating with MSPs, he has honed his skills in improving their marketing and customer success strategies.

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With flexible survey creation, multiple distribution channels, and easy data interpretation, Simplesat helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

By offering insights into customer needs and priorities, Simplesat strives to make customer feedback collection effortless for MSPs.

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