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Spektrix provides the arts sector with the tools necessary for ticketing, marketing, and fundraising. To provide top-notch service, they need to understand the nuances of their clients’ needs.

Before they discovered Simplesat, they used Zendesk’s native customer feedback feature, which offered only two customer responses: 👍 and 👎. Spektrix almost always received positive ratings. But that didn’t tell them what customers prioritized and what needed to be changed.

We’re happy to say we’ve been able to help with that! Thank you to Charlie Whitworth, Spektrix Strategy and Operations Lead, for sharing his Simplesat experience. 

Defeating customer apathy with better surveys

In the UK and Ireland, Spektrix is the market leader in ticketing software for theaters, gig venues, arts centers and other event spaces. They’re also the fastest growing solution in North America, with major clients across the US and Canada.

As they keep growing, it’s crucial to avoid losing touch with their customer base.

Before they started using Simplesat, they maintained a stagnant CSAT average. The score showed that customer satisfaction stayed at 99% no matter what Spektrix changed.

This gave Spektrix some bragging rights, but it stood in the way of true excellence. Spektrix knew that clear decision-making relied on good data.

Charlie’s team adopted Simplesat and started experimenting with our customizable surveys.

Their customer base rarely expressed dissatisfaction. But the goal was to shift the mindset from eh, it’s good enough, thumbs up…

… to I love your service, but here’s the one thing you need to improve.

Spektrix found that 1-5 scales worked best for their CSAT questionnaires, and response ratings of 3 and 4 (out of 5) provided the most actionable insights. Charlie’s team now knows exactly what their clients’ pain points are.

They also started offering open-ended questions. Customers proved more than happy to volunteer information about how Spektrix could work better for them.

The path to multifaceted CSAT data

Charlie reports that their overall CSAT score didn’t drop far! It averages around 96% at the moment. But customer ratings lower than 5 help Spektrix maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

It turns out that using Simplesat helps in more ways than they intended.

  • Customer response rates are higher. Simplesat provides engaging survey visuals, which make it clear that Spektrix cares about customer opinions.
  • Variety in survey types. With more opportunities to ask customers for their thoughts, Spektrix gains more meaningful insights. For example, they offer a pop-up survey that appears on their articles, training resources, and Zendesk guides. This has led to an unexpected surge in responses, and it helps clarify which information Spektrix customers find the most useful.
  • Surveys tailored to customer needs. Several Spektrix teams helped design survey questions for different stages of the customer journey. There are about ten different CSAT survey triggers, including post-training surveys and surveys for various types of support requests.
  • Immediate responses to feedback. Using our Slack integration, Spektrix makes sure each piece of customer feedback gets considered by a team member.
    • 🌟 Positive responses are shared in a celebration channel, which boosts morale.
    • 🔥 Ambivalent and negative responses are shared in a more private channel, where the success team immediately investigates the source of the unhappiness. By reaching out to these customers, Spektrix demonstrates their genuine commitment to each customer.

Effortless weekly NPS collection

Charlie’s team had another major reason to start using a feedback management tool. This closely echoes why we built Simplesat in the first place.

When they were using Zendesk’s (now retired) NPS collection feature, it took Spektrix a great deal of time to collect NPS data. The process created bottlenecks in their workflow.

Moving to Simplesat’s NPS solutions was a game-changer in more ways than one.

  • Higher response rates, including write-in responses;
  • Our Hubspot integration makes it easy to send out survey emails all at once;
  • With the Google Sheets integration, they can more easily summarize weekly NPS insights and identify actionable, data-based goals.

Getting a high score isn’t the main point of NPS surveys. Instead, they’re a great way to gain a bird’s eye view of customer sentiment, while also drilling down on some specifics that are missing from the overall customer experience. Every week, the Spektrix Success team looks at new responses and what they can learn from them.

It takes Charlie about half an hour each week to prep for these meetings, and he’s been using Simplesat’s tagging feature for clarity. But we plan to streamline this process further, making project management effortless. Charlie’s insights have been extremely helpful in improving our reporting, and we have big plans on that front.

Why stay with Simplesat?

Charlie says that Simplesat’s support team is always quick and knowledgeable in his experience. When it comes to more complicated problems, they are persistent and willing to work out a solution or workaround. It was easy to get started with Simplesat, and the quality of support has remained consistent throughout.

On our end, we’ve used Charlie’s suggestions several times to make Simplesat better, and we’re grateful for his willingness to share his perspective.

Spektrix is more than just a ticketing software provider; they offer reliable, adaptable, multifaceted service to their clients from the art world. Simplesat allows them to weave customer feedback into every part of their operations. That means they can keep asking the right questions and acting on insights immediately.

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