Webinar: The MSPs Complete Satisfaction Solution

Webinar: The MSPs Complete Satisfaction Solution

Last week we were fortunate enough to have a chance to speak with MSP Webinar's Steve Taylor.

In this discussion, we chat with Steve about:

  • Why MSPs need to be measuring customer feedback
  • Overview of different customer satisfaction metrics
  • CSAT and NPS (Net Promoter Score) implementation best practices
  • Simplesat vision and demo
  • Riveting Q&A

Check it out:

Originally posted at MSP Webinars. Also, check out Steve's YouTube channel for other awesome webinars!

Cory Brown


Cory's a co-founder, builder and cheerleader at Simplesat. Also co-founder and co-owner at Pronto Group, home to Pronto Marketing (agency as a service for small business) and Pronto Tools (software development and startup studio).