Customer Story: Proper Sky

🏆 Results

  • Consistent and high quality actionable data
  • Clearly defined strengths and areas for improvement
  • Transparency into the customer experience
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😭 The Problem

Before implementing Simplesat, Proper Sky had gone the in-house route and developed their own tool for measuring customer satisfaction. While it was functional, the system had some obvious weaknesses, including an unappealing landing page. But they eventually realized two more serious flaws:

  • The feedback was skewed toward positive experiences, discouraging unhappy customers from participating.
  • The results were not identifying specific team member contributions, instead focusing too narrowly on ticket owners.

They became aware of these shortcomings after completing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. The NPS results revealed the gaps and biases in their customer satisfaction data, and indicated a better way forward for their feedback process.

“When we got mediocre NPS results, it was a game changer. It forced us to look at everything, from the way we did our internal processes to the way we bonused our technicians.”

Jim Smith, Founder & CEO at Proper Sky

🤔 Why Simplesat?

Compared to some of the alternatives, Simplesat seemed far more streamlined and intuitive.

“We looked at some alternatives in the MSP space and some of the other standards. They were bloated and way too complicated for what we needed.”

They also found the affordability of the solution and the responsiveness of the Simplesat team made the transition to the new system much smoother than they expected. Finally, Simplesat’s integrated NPS curating function made it the perfect fit for Proper Sky’s objectives.

💡 The Solution

Proper Sky were already heavily invested in ConnectWise for most of their internal processes, so Simplesat’s ability to provide turnkey integration proved essential, as did the seamless integration with their contact lists and Dropbox. Onboarding the Simplesat solution was quick and easy for Proper Sky, as was the addition of their advanced customizations.

“Once we got the demo account up and running, we were blown away at how quickly we were able to get everything working. The ConnectWise integration was turnkey, and everytime I did have a question, I had an answer within moments.”​

🏆 The Results

Proper Sky immediately began receiving consistent, high quality actionable data. They went from essentially meaningless 100% positive feedback, to now seeing the full spectrum of customer experiences. These results are identifying clear strengths and areas for improvement. The customer participation rate also rose, thanks in part to the professional and attractive Simplesat interface, unlike their original in-house effort.

The visibility into their customer experiences and the accuracy of the data has led to a process of constant improvement:

“It’s let us really dig into what we can do better. We’re getting better response rates and an overall net positive impact on our CSAT scores, so that’s been huge for us. And now that we have the native Brightgauge integration, the process is even more seamless.”

Jim Smith, Founder & CEO at Proper Sky
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About Proper Sky

Serving the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Proper Sky is a leader in Managed IT Services and outsourced IT management.

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