One-off emails, automated follow-ups, customizable templates, and improved email activity stats

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One-off email surveys

It’s super easy to send or schedule one-time email blasts. You can send multiple one-off emails for the same survey to consolidate stats over time.

Now you can:

  • Send an ad-hoc survey, such as “COVID-19 response feedback”
  • Manually schedule quarterly NPS surveys to a static customer list
  • Send surveys to individual customers after an interaction

Learn more about one-off email surveys →

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Automated follow-up reminders

Depending on the industry and audience, email open rates generally range from 10% to 40%.

That means that even with good open rates, if you send your survey to 100 customers, 60 won’t even open or see it! 😱

Simplesat’s automated follow-up feature gives you the chance to send email reminders to customers who haven’t taken action yet, thus improving response rates. 🎉

Pro tip: the defaults in Simplesat are 2, 5, and 10 business days later if unopened. We can manually change any of these delay intervals, or the condition from unopened to “unclicked”. Just shoot us a message if you’re interested.

Learn more about automated follow-up reminders →

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Customizable email templates

It’s time to up the email survey design game. These emails should POP in your customer’s inboxes!

We’ve got a new template for you to use. It’s crisp, clean, wide on desktops and compact on phone.

More templates are on the way and will be available over the next coming months.

All current and future templates also support custom intro and outro content. It supports rich text including headings, bold, italic, and even links! Finally, you can include {{ first_name }} and {{ company }} merge tags to personalize your messages. 

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Detailed email activity reporting

We released this new email activity feature on Oct, 16, 2020. Previous to the feature, we relied on on-demand stats from our email provider, SendGrid. 

Now, Simplesat saves all email activity directly in our system. This gives us the opportunity to show richer data and stats from a longer time period. 

The activity includes data on follow-up emails, giving you the ability to see how these reminders impact response rates.

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Streamlined customer import process

We’ve revamped the CSV customer import process making it easier and more bulletproof to keep your customer list up to date.

There’s also a new customer tags model built into the import process. Now you can tag customers you’ve just imported to quickly target them for a survey audience.

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Also released:

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That’s it for this release! To see the full Simplesat roadmap and what we have planned next, check out our product portal.

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