Use Simplesat’s Slack integration to give your team a morale boost!

✅ Results

  • Immediate and honest feedback keeps the Castlerock team motivated
  • Clearly defined areas for improvement

✅ Solutions used

✅ The Problem

When Castlerock switched their help desk solution to Accelo, they no longer had a reliable way to measure customer satisfaction. As a result, they lost visibility on how their team was performing day-to-day. Whether they were having a positive or negative impact on their clients’ businesses, they were in the dark.

“We wanted to have an idea around how we were doing in terms of the service we give to our clients. Equally as important, around how and where we could improve our service offering.”

Aidan Casserly, Director of Castlerock

✅ Why Simplesat?

Prior to choosing Simplesat, Castlerock had tried several solutions for measuring customer satisfaction. Their previous helpdesk, Zendesk, offered a tool which wasn’t the right match for an MSP. Other solutions didn’t integrate with Accelo, or they were “clunky and awkward” to use. Simplesat proved easy to setup and the integration with Accelo was well thought out. It didn’t take long before they were able to fully integrate with their existing workflows without any issues.

✅ The Solution

Simplesat was integrated with Accelo and started collecting customer feedback the same day. This meant Castlerock could immediately start receiving feedback on tickets and gathering performance data on their service team.

Castlerock also highlights the importance of the Slack integration. “It’s great that we can see positive feedback coming through from our clients on an ongoing basis.

They also plan to integrate email NPS surveys in the near future, to further evaluate the impact of their services on customer outcomes. Combined with Simplesat’s top-notch support, the Castlerock team has been able to seamlessly transition to a more feedback-oriented operation with a number of benefits.

✅ The Results

Before Simplesat, Castlerock had lost their ability to measure customer satisfaction. “As a team, and an organization, we weren’t able to celebrate the wins represented by positive feedback. Our team was doing excellent work every day but there was no way to formally highlight it. Simplesat has really helped us to confirm that we are giving excellent service.”

The positive feedback is now motivating the Castlerock team and their performance is continually improving

“A personal goal that I have is to ensure that our organization takes exceptional pride in our work and that the service on offer is of an exceptionally high standard. Simplesat allows us to have exactly that.”

Aidan Casserly, Director of Castlerock

About Company

Based in South Africa, Castlerock is a leading provider of managed services in the Cape Town area. A nimble team of ICT professionals, Castlerock prides itself on providing comprehensive solutions that free their customers to focus on core competencies.

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