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Founded in 2003, Providence Consulting has been a trusted partner for small and medium-sized organizations in Michigan looking to close the technology gap in their operations and spend more time focusing on core business goals.

Historically, Providence didn’t measure and track their service efforts in a formal way. Therefore, they were sometimes unsure of what to expect heading into client meetings because they lacked facts about how those customers perceived their performance. Internally, they had not defined what good looks like in a measurable way, but relied on random comments from customers, good or bad, to gauge the overall level of customer satisfaction.

“We turned to Simplesat to address these concerns – making customer feedback a core part of how we do business and a guiding force in our decision-making processes.” says Jeff Dettloff, president at Providence Consulting.

😭 The Problem

Before onboarding Simplesat with Autotask, their service desk solution, Providence had a sense that some functions were too slow and were potentially frustrating to clients. They felt they were likely satisfying most if not all of their clients, but without regular feedback, they couldn’t be sure, and if there were problems, who in the company knew about them?

Another major frustration for Providence was that when feedback did come in, few people actually saw it. They had no system in place to communicate either positive or negative feedback to the team or team member it was regarding, which diminished its value significantly.

🤔 Why Simplesat?

It was this lack of clarity that finally pushed Providence to make a move. “We decided we needed to really engage our clients and get their feedback by measuring success,” says Dettloff.

We knew in order to see how successful a client was, we first needed to see how happy they were with our company. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys were the first step. They really allowed transparency between us and our clients, as well as for our team.

For a managed service provider, not every customer satisfaction solution is created equally, so it took some time for Providence to find the right fit. They ultimately selected Simplesat not only because it seamlessly integrated with Autotask, but because it was designed for ease of use. Its “fun icons and simple one-click survey” interface was exactly what they needed. They knew that if the process wasn’t simple, their clients wouldn’t follow through and complete the surveys.

💡 The Solution

For Providence, Simplesat checked all the boxes. They needed something simple, easy to setup and transparent, all of which Simplesat was able to offer. They have been able to setup, measure and embed the surveys and results into all of their platforms and are now generating results across most of their client base.

To date, Providence continues to switch up the icons in Simplesat every month to provide a unique and engaging experience for their customers.

They’ve also started publishing testimonials on their website with the real-time feedback module offered as part of the software.

Providence takes advantage of positive comments through real-time website testimonials.

🏆 The Results

“With Simplesat, we’ve become more transparent as a team, improving internal communication about what makes customers happy and what tactics are resonating best,” says Dettloff. “It started as a tool to measure customer satisfaction but has become a way for us to better connect both internally and externally with their community.”

The lovely Providence team sponsoring Dinner in the Park for the Homeless Angels.

As a team-building initiative, Providence now donates to a local charity every time they receive feedback, helping to improve response rates from clients, and also build a stronger, more authentic relationship with them in the process.

As a result, they’re fully aware of how effective their efforts are, with a 98.2% CSAT score and 36.3% response rate.

Real CSAT results from Providence's support service desk.

By being able to measure their customer satisfaction in real-time, Providence has achieved their business goals of greater visibility into successes. They’ve further enhanced their relationships and are leveraging the additional information they gain every month to continuously improve as a business.

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About Providence Consulting

Founded in 2003, Providence Consulting has been a trusted partner for small and medium-sized organizations in Michigan looking to close the technology gap in their operations and spend more time focusing on core business goals.

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