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Procano AS is an IT provider from Oslo, Norway. Their technicians work tirelessly to “bring enterprise-grade solutions to non-enterprise businesses.”

Using Simplesat helps Procano nurture positive relationships, both with their clients and within the company. By using automated workflows, they make excellent use of the positive feedback they receive.

Thank you to Christian Skogseth, Client Success Advisor at Procano AS, for sitting down with us to share his experiences! You can check out the interview highlights here:

"We are only in service of our clients.” 🦸‍♂️

Procano aims to provide their client base with the best security and the best connectivity the market has to offer. While they do have a few bigger clients, their target demographic is small-to-medium businesses that excel in their fields. By using Procano’s services, these smaller companies get to focus on what makes them great.

In practical terms, Procano functions as an extended part of their clients’ IT department. They need to keep up with their clients’ day-to-day operations. Paying attention to feedback is key to the service they provide.

Every client interaction gives Procano’s management some information about what they need to work on. But before they started using Simplesat, it was difficult to zoom out and see the patterns behind client feedback.

CSAT averages weren’t enough; Procano needed to drill down and see the connections behind the numbers. What were their clients especially happy or unhappy about? What were some pain points that remained unaddressed?

“We have some fantastic technicians and they are absolutely great at what they do. Very often, they pick up on if there's a scratch or if there's an issue that's kind of recurring or that they notice with some users. But, it's not always the case that that's an option.”

Tech observations were a great place to start, but Procano needed more data points, especially from dissatisfied clients. Unfortunately, the techs and the customer success team weren’t perfectly in sync. This meant that technicians often didn’t see the followup on the solutions they provided. Meanwhile, the customer success team lacked the full context they needed for optimal client interactions.

In short, Procano needed higher-quality client feedback and better internal communication.

Reaching clarity with Simplesat 👁‍🗨

Since Procano’s preferred ticketing system came with a built-in survey option, that was what they used initially. But that tool only offered rudimentary filtration options. Response rates were low, and the data was difficult to use.

“We realized that we needed a tool to — in addition to giving a new and maybe more streamlined feedback system — gather that information, visualize it, and be able to filter it based on how we can create the best experience.”

The customer success team looked at a few different survey tools, and they noticed a trend of deliberately vague, confusing pricing tiers. This was an immediate red flag. Procano’s management values transparency and integrity.

But in the spring of 2022, they found Simplesat. The onboarding experience made it clear that our company’s values match their own. With our tool, they could improve their feedback data management and provide better service to their users.

When they became a Simplesat client, the first thing Procano did was to set up an Autotask integration using our help docs. They found our customer support team very easy to work with.

“Why I would recommend Simplesat to other clients is probably the ease of use and the customer service. We really do get the impression that Simplesat listens to your clients.”

They started using our Intercom integration to ask customers for more feedback. Because our surveys are customizable and straightforward, their response rates have been going up. They can ask questions more often without annoying their customers.

Procano has more survey data to work with now. But even more importantly, they’ve been finding new and better ways to use that data.

Making the most out of positive (and constructive) feedback 💞

Simplesat’s reporting makes it easy to notice trends in customer feedback. The customer success’ team is more productive now that they can narrow down the data by company/specific employee – or they can look at various niches to spot patterns.

Best of all, Procano’s office culture has improved since they started sharing positive feedback with the whole team. They have monitors set up in both of their offices. When a technician receives a glowing rating, it goes straight to the big screen.

“[We] take the positive feedback and add onto that, and share that internally so that we remember to be proud of helping other people achieve what they want to achieve and what they are great at.”

Clearer communication improves team cohesion and motivates Procano’s techs to keep excelling at their job. This matches our experience regarding the team-building benefits of internally sharing survey responses.

Of course, not all feedback is positive. Management discusses negative feedback one-on-one with the techs. Simplesat’s dashboard makes it easy to follow up on any client’s feedback history and spot the source of delays or misunderstandings. Problems can get addressed head-on before the client thinks of canceling.

Good internal and external communication drives change and growth for every service-oriented business. As Procano’s team evolves, Simplesat will be there for them to ease the way.

There’s a unique sense of responsibility that comes with being a service provider for small-to-medium businesses. You know your clients well, and you want to make things easy and intuitive for them. Simplesat helps service providers keep their finger on the pulse of their user base and build lasting, transparent relationships. And by setting up automated feedback sharing, our clients can motivate their team to keep learning and improving.

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