The easiest way to automate data transfers using Supermetrics

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No more copy-pasting or manual reporting— move your Simplesat data to a data warehouse of your choice

How to use Supermetrics with Simplesat

Automate reporting with Supermetrics

Supermetrics automates your data delivery so you can easily access it. This way, you’ll have more time to

Combine your data to fully understand your performance

The beauty of Supermetrics is the multiple data sources you can connect and use alongside Simplesat.

Pull the data from your social media campaigns, SEO analytics, and the list goes on. Combine these results with your customer satisfaction data to fully understand your customer experience and overall performance.

Gain strategic advantages from your data

When you spend less time gathering data and manually reporting it, you’ll have more time to draw insights from it.

What’s more, with Supermetrics, you’ll have full ownership of your data, and you can use it the way you need to.

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Supported data destinations

Move your Simplesat data with Supermetrics to a reporting tool or data warehouse of your choice.

Available destinations: Google Sheets, Excel, Google Data Studio, API, Amazon S3, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Google Cloud Storage, Redshift, Snowflake.

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