Track customer satisfaction


Integrate Simplesat with BrightGauge to track incoming CSAT and other KPIs

"This is the next level customer satisfaction app for MSPs."

How Simplesat works with BrightGauge

Customer satisfaction dashboards

  • Connect Simplesat as a BrightGauge datasource in minutes
  • New Simplesat feedback shows up in BrightGauge every five minutes
  • Includes two pre-built dashboards: CSAT and NPS
  • View customer satisfaction results alongside other data sources (ConnectWise, Autotask, etc.)
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Create easy-to-read reports

  • Includes two default report templates: CSAT and NPS
  • Makes it super easy for teams and executives to review high-level data
  • Automates client reports to save time and stay consistent

Easily gauge your most
important KPIs

  • Automatically calculates CSAT and NPS scores
  • Displays team member leaderboards to track top performers
  • Easily identifies “at risk” clients

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