The easiest way to get customer feedback through Cliniko

Add one-click CSAT, CES, or NPS surveys to Cliniko email triggers in minutes. Simplesat syncs rating and ticket info both ways.

✨ How Simplesat works with Cliniko


Drive agent performance with ticket CSAT

Simplesat is the easiest and most effective way for SaaS companies to get customer feedback from every solved ticket. The process takes less than 10 minutes to set up and runs by itself after that!


Automate post-booking surveys with Simplesat email integration

Streamline customer feedback collection by automatically dispatching Simplesat surveys via email after each booking.

Visualize your feedback data like never before with Simplesat's reporting dashboards

Gain unparalleled visibility into your customer feedback with Simplesat’s reporting dashboards. Effortlessly visualize and analyze your feedback data, uncovering valuable insights that fuel smarter decision-making and drive your business forward.

✨ Read how real businesses are improving customer satisfaction with Simplesat

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