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Supermetrics is a marketing data integration platform working with 17,000 customers around the globe. They help marketers, data analysts, and data engineers streamline their marketing data.

To provide a reliable, hassle-free service – and to keep expanding at a steady pace – Supermetrics needs high-quality customer feedback. We are happy to help them reach a more thorough understanding of their customers.

Taehee Lee works as Customer Support Quality Lead for Supermetrics, and she was kind enough to tell us about her team’s experience with Simplesat. You can view the interview and the transcript here.

You can watch the interview or read our summary below:

Growth requires increased flexibility

Before Simplesat, Supermetrics tested Freshdesk’s native features to collect support CSAT data. This started causing challenges as the Supermetrics customer base grew.

With each new update, Supermetrics offers new data destinations (spreadsheets, BI tools, and data warehouses) and more marketing ad platforms. It is crucial to understand how these changes are being received by the customer base.

Freshdesk’s customer feedback options lacked advanced features to understand customer satisfaction more in-depth. It was becoming increasingly important to keep track of what the customers actually thought about the product and whether they were happy with the support they were receiving.

Supermetrics’ surveys had to become more flexible. Enter Simplesat!

Using our Freshdesk integration, Supermetrics was able to apply different surveys to different scenarios, leading to more relevant data about customer satisfaction.

For example, support CSAT tickets get fired off every time a ticket gets closed. But tickets can get closed…

  • by the support agent when an interaction is complete, or
  • automatically, if the customer stops responding for over a week.

These situations require different responses from support.

With Simplesat, Taehee’s team can segment their customer base and send different surveys according to how the ticket was closed. That yields more relevant data and also builds a solid relationship with the customer.

“We were able to automate some follow-up messages to the support agent. […] When the customer replies to the survey and depending on the sentiment, we can reopen the ticket to the support agent and they can follow up on the feedback so we can make customers feel heard.”

💬 Taehee Lee

International reach, international challenges

Supermetrics customers span over 100 countries, which means that cultural differences are inevitable.

Culture always impacts customer satisfaction scores. But with good survey design, it’s possible to bridge some of these gaps and get fairly consistent survey results across the globe.

For example, it’s well-documented that European companies have lower NPS scores than American ones. A customer from Europe is likely to see 8/10 as an exceptionally good rating… but those respondents won’t count as promoters when calculating NPS. This leads to misunderstandings and discrepancies. But with a simple color adjustment, it can be made clear that only a rating of 9 or 10 counts as exceptionally good.

Simplesat’s survey designs help make it clear to the customer what each rating means. That leads to higher response rates and more accurate feedback.

But there’s another important way we make responses easier for Supermetrics customers.

In CSAT surveys, there is a main question, asking the customer to rate a recent experience on a scale of 1 to 5. Our customizable surveys can also feature a follow-up question.

Supermetrics uses multiple-choice follow-up questions to gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Typically, they ask the customer to explain what impacted their CSAT rating – the options being product, support, service speed, price, and other.

Implementing these follow-up questions has made a huge difference in the quality of CSAT feedback Supermetrics receives. Even with a language barrier in place, it’s easy for customers to pick one of the offered options.

Since we’ve implemented conditional logic in follow-ups, it’s also easier to apply a personal touch. For example, if a customer is unhappy, the follow-up question can offer an apology and ask how best to improve the customer’s experience in the future.

A partner in expansion

We asked Taehee why she’d recommend Simplesat to others. She says our product is:

  • Easy to get started with (meaning that onboarding was memorably quick and simple)
  • Intuitive for customers to use
  • Backed by an excellent support team

As Supermetrics grew and changed over the years, we worked with them to accommodate every new need they had. They filed one of our first requests for conditional logic in follow-up questions, and we were happy to develop a solution that worked for them.

“I’m always really impressed by Simplesat’s support team, as the team is really solution-oriented, so I feel like almost every reply has a solution, even a workaround, or clear action for me to do. So we were able to scale Simplesat up for many other use cases, and hope that we can scale it up even further in the future.”

💬 Taehee Lee

Today, Supermetrics uses Simplesat surveys as part of various Freshdesk and Intercom workflows. While their focus is still on support CSAT surveys, they’ve also started using our CES and NPS templates to gain a multifaceted understanding of their customer base. They also use our Slack integration, so everyone in the company can see fresh feedback and understand how best to move forward.

🤩 At Simplesat, we like to work alongside our clients to make sure their customer base is being heard.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Taehee and her team and develop new solutions. Our surveys are better than ever at parsing customer satisfaction – and we’re excited about further improvements coming up!

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