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Matt Seeds founded Inspired IT back in 2016. The company creates and maintains IT solutions for growing businesses in Perth, Australia.

Since 2018, Inspired IT has been using Simplesat to track customer feedback. We asked about Matt’s first impressions at the time, and he and his team were happy with our service.

Four years later, Matt agreed to a follow-up interview! You can watch the video here, or read on to learn about how Simplesat helped his business grow.

Tracking what works and what doesn’t

Inspired IT started out as a one-man project. It has grown into a company of 20+ experts who provide managed IT services to dozens of businesses a day.

As Inspired IT kept expanding, it was crucial to keep track of changes in customer sentiment.

“Our feedback goes back four years, so we’re able to understand where we are in that cycle of service, and how the quality of service aligned with our staff.”

Matt was initially drawn to Simplesat’s straightforward interface and wide variety of integrations. Autotask and BrightGauge are both crucial to Inspired IT’s workflow, and Simplesat slotted into that nicely.

Plus, our Microsoft Teams integration ensures effortless feedback-oriented communication.

From Simplesat’s dashboard, it’s easy to drill down on any respondent’s feedback history. This helps create the personal care necessary to become an exceptional MSP.

In the case of any negative reviews, Inspired IT’s staff members are able to respond immediately. This increases overall customer satisfaction, and it also incentivizes long-term clients to keep providing feedback – after all, they know they are being heard.

Fully utilizing positive feedback

Inspired IT’s management carefully monitors changing CSAT and NPS scores (both overall and broken down by team). This has helped them make solid, data-based decisions over the years.

While negative feedback is an important guiding force, the positive feedback they receive is even more powerful:

  1. Increased team motivation
    Inspired IT has recently introduced a monthly reward program for team members who left an impression on the customer.

    When a staff member receives positive feedback, their name goes into a monthly kitty. Each month, the teams do a draw and the winner receives a voucher. This provides that extra spark of motivation, on top of the incentive provided by publicly sharing positive comments as they come in.

“For me, it’s always nice to know and reinforce what we’re doing right, and my team feeds off that as well.”

    As Matt stopped being involved in day-to-day operations with clients, it became more important than ever to stay in touch with customer sentiment. He always keeps an eye out for problems, but it’s the positive feedback that provides him with the clarity he needs as a decision-maker.
  1. Better SEO and Google My Business results
    To stand out from the competition, MSPs need to be proactive in requesting feedback that helps with their SEO. Simplesat makes it easy to send automated responses to clients who’ve just left positive feedback.

    Most clients are happy to leave a Google Review when asked directly – especially when they know from experience that a business cares about their opinions. But it’s important to act quickly when feedback comes in, and Simplesat makes that effortless. Our tool helped Inspire IT build an impressive online presence.

“Simplesat’s done exactly what it says on the tin.”

When he decided to give Simplesat a try, setting it up only took Matt a few hours (and he was watching TV throughout).

That first impression of ease and comfort held up. Simplesat solves problems without creating new ones.

Using our tool increased Inspired IT’s feedback rates and cut down on any confusion. More recently, the CloudRadial integration led to even higher response rates.

“As an MSP, you need to know exactly what you’re providing, and if you’re a good service, or closing a ticket incorrectly or correctly.”

To provide a customer-oriented and flexible service, MSPs need good data. They need to be able to track changes in feedback and set future plans based on past customer opinions.

We’re thrilled that Simplesat helped Inspired IT flourish, and we’re excited to see what comes next for them!

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