Simplesat as a Zendesk NPS alternative

📢 Zendesk official announcement:

⚠️ Important update for Zendesk users:

If you’re a business looking for an alternative to Zendesk’s NPS functionality, you may want to consider Simplesat’s NPS platform. With our Zendesk integration, you can work Simplesat customer feedback surveys into your existing workflows. Our integration will not be impacted by Zendesk removing their native NPS feature.

Setting up an NPS survey with Simplesat is quick and easy, and the platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. We offer a range of customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their NPS surveys to their specific needs and requirements. This includes the ability to change survey questions or customize branding and messaging. Our surveys can fit seamlessly into your brand’s overall customer experience.

In addition to that, Simplesat offers a range of reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to easily track and analyze their NPS scores over time. This includes real-time reporting, trend analysis, and detailed customer feedback breakdowns. Since we offer a number of integrations, you can make customer feedback an integral part of everything you do – for example, we recommend sharing feedback internally through our Slack integration. Seeing customer opinions as they come in serves as a good motivator for every team member!

Overall, Simplesat’s NPS platform is a great alternative to Zendesk’s soon-to-be-retired NPS feature. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer support processes, increase customer loyalty, or simply gain a better understanding of your customer’s needs, Simplesat’s NPS platform can help you achieve your goals.

If you need help, we offer free migration support. Contact us here!

🤩 And remember, Simplesat offers CSAT too!

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