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Upflow’s mission is to help their clients collect customer payments. Fresh, accurate client satisfaction data is crucial to their operations.

To make feedback collection easier for Upflow’s customer success team, we built a Vitally integration and made sure they can offer a seamless experience to all of their clients.

Thank you to Heather Rouke, Director of Customer Success at Upflow for sharing her experiences with our product! You can watch the video below:

Assembling your own tools is a time-sink ⏳

Upflow is an accounts receivable software solution for B2B companies.

They make payment collection easier for their clients and they make cash flow easier to track. They offer integrations with QuickBooks, Chargebee, Netsuite, Xero, and other accounting software solutions — and they create personalized workflows for each client.

Client feedback management is integral to Upflow’s mission. To make sure that their client base is engaged and content, they track various KPIs including net retention and NPS.

Before they found Simplesat, this took up too much of their time and resources. The tools they tried didn’t offer enough flexibility, and they didn’t have enough useful data points to work with.

“[These tools] did offer some native integrations, but their native integrations didn't really fit with all the tools that we used here. So we had to utilize their API, which meant a lot of resources and efforts to set up - sort of more like custom stuff rather than just like out of the box.”

Another important issue was that the client data they received wasn’t synchronized and consolidated:

  • They used one tool for CSAT surveys and another one for NPS;
  • Their NPS tool had a complicated interface that made it difficult to understand the data points coming in from different systems.

All this considered, it was easy to miss the danger signs that lead up to client churn.

And then came Simplesat 🕺

One of Upflow’s team members had previous experience with using Simplesat. She recommended our tool to Upflow’s customer success team.

Onboarding was easy and that was an immediate point in our favor. They knew Simplesat was a keeper when they discussed integrations with our support team.

Upflow’s customer success tool of choice is Vitally. At the time, we didn’t offer an integration with that platform. But we were happy to build it for them.

“They also built us a custom integration - well, native integration for you guys, now! - for Vitally, which is our customer success platform that our CSMs use. So that kind of really showcased how product-forward Simplesat is, in terms of being willing to see the value of having this other integration and building it for us.”

Now, when an Upflow client fills out an NPS form, it automatically triggers a Vitally Playbook. The client is flagged as a Promoter, Passive, or Detractor. It’s easy to follow up with the Detractors and prevent churn.

Our Intercom integration made client interactions easier too. Upflow uses it to send out regular NPS surveys, as well as satisfaction surveys following new product releases.

Simplesat also makes CSAT data collection effortless. Upflow uses Front email templates, and with our integration, they can add surveys to each template.

Out-of-the-box solutions 🎁

To get a clear and accurate idea of customer satisfaction, feedback data needs to be synchronized across all platforms.

For B2B companies like Upflow, that can cause a number of problems. It’s a drain on the dev team’s time. Since the native tools on these platforms are inflexible, feedback rates tend to be low. The results are garbled and customer feedback management takes up way too much effort.

Simplesat can help relieve this burden. We give all our clients individualized attention. And we strive to build anything our clients need to make their job easier.

Keeping track of customer satisfaction is important for every business. But it shouldn’t take up too much of your time. With Simplesat, customer feedback data collection becomes effortless — and you don’t have to split your focus from your core mission.

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