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The following is a guest post from Simplesat customer Jim Smith at Proper Sky.

It was big, ugly, and embarrassing. But at least it got the job done.

Or at least that’s what we thought.

We were using a totally custom-built system to survey our clients after closing a ticket in ConnectWise.

Overall, it worked, and data flowed where it should over to BrightGauge. It left much to be desired in the looks department, however.

🤯 Our big ah-ha moment

We had been hearing more about NPS (Net Promoter Score), so we decided to try it out through SurveyMonkey.

The results were a game-changer.

Our feedback was so much more raw and real than what we were getting from our CSAT surveys alone.

It really forced us to dig into what we were doing and we realized we needed to get the data in a way that wasn’t biased or self-reinforcing.

🔎 The search for the ideal solution

We wanted to continue using NPS, but that meant we had two systems to manage. Our big custom CSAT behemoth and SurveyMonkey which didn’t have any direct integrations with ConnectWise.

And that’s what prompted us to look for a better customer feedback tool.

We trialled other solutions on the market. Everything was way too bloated for our needs and didn’t have any great NPS solution. Then we found Simplesat.

Setting up Simplesat was a breeze. The product is smart and intuitive. Documentation is top-notch, and their support crew was always there when I had a question. I got to connect directly with their product development team to gain insight into their roadmap and request new features.

🥳 At last, our CSAT data was useful!

The first CSAT survey we set up in Simplesat used a 3-scale system. Our response rates immediately increased, but we found ourselves with a new problem: our CSAT score was consistently 100%.

Yes, 100% satisfaction can be a problem.

While it can do incredible things for your ego, a perfect score doesn’t actually help you improve.

We wanted more critical feedback to help uncover ways to improve our service and relationships with our clients.

Simplesat has the option to switch between 2, 3, 4 or 5-scale CSAT surveys. We switched to 4-scale and it made all the difference.

Our score dropped below 100% which finally gave us the data we needed to drive continuous improvements.

🧩 The missing piece of the puzzle: Net Promoter Score

Simplesat’s contact sync integration with ConnectWise is what sealed the deal.

No more uploading CSVs or manually syncing data. If it’s accurate in ConnectWise, it’s accurate in Simplesat.

An NPS survey audience created from our active contacts makes sure we only send emails to the right clients. Email delivery is on autopilot and the feedback insights keep rolling in.

⭐️ BONUS: 5-star Google reviews are up

After a client leaves a positive rating in either our CSAT or NPS survey, they’re given a link directly to our Google page to leave a positive review.

Since using Simplesat, we’ve been getting more positive Google reviews which allowed us to cancel our account and reallocate the spend elsewhere in our marketing budget.

🧐 Our advice?

Use Simplesat.

There’s no guessing, no complicated setups, nada. It’s a modern app for MSPs that does what it says: Simplesat!

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