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Tech meets sport! This is the motto of the Sport Alliance group, a market-leading provider of digital solutions for the sport and fitness industry. Renowned for creating Magicline, Germany’s premier gym software, Sport Alliance is setting new standards worldwide.

They started using Simplesat in February 2023. In just a few weeks’ time, they went from an average of 150 survey responses a month to 700-900 responses per month.

We wanted to learn more about the ways Simplesat is helping Sport Alliance stand out in their industry, so we sat down with Athar Hussain, Customer Success General Advisor for Magicline. View the video here or read on!

Demolishing roadblocks with Simplesat 🌄

Athar’s customer success team shopped around for a while. Their requirements were straightforward:

  • Automated feedback processing/report generation
  • Seamlessly integrates with Zendesk
  • Customizable rating scales (five-star surveys and numerical scales)
  • Reliable and straightforward survey distribution

After trying a few options from the Zendesk marketplace, they landed on Simplesat.

We stood out immediately because of our customer support. Our agents understood the Magicline team’s needs, concerns, and questions. We worked with Athar to build the first round of surveys quickly, as well as to set them up in Zendesk and test them. From there, Athar’s team just needed to translate the surveys into different languages.

“The admin area of Simplesat was flexible enough to build everything that we wanted. So the survey itself was created pretty fast. We were able to clone services pretty fast, adapt them, edit the existing ones, do translations on our own, and then be up and running for multiple languages in a short amount of time. The setup with the integration in Zendesk was easily done because we only needed to focus on triggers.”

💬 Athar Hussain, Customer Success General Advisor

Simplesat makes it easy to set up automated CSAT surveys at various points in the customer journey; the triggers make sense and there is no ambiguity about which customer segments receive the survey at any given time. New responses are immediately visible from the Simplesat dashboard or the admins’ inboxes.

In addition to that, Simplesat’s team is very happy to adapt to different requirements. We’re proud of our international customer base, and we put in a conscious effort to accommodate their needs.

With most of their teams working in the DACH region, Sport Alliance had slightly different data privacy requirements than our other clients. We rose to the occasion.

Sport Alliance uses the Simplesat Slack integration, which automatically shares closed ticket details internally on a Slack channel. This is a great way to keep everyone in the loop about the customers’ day-to-day concerns.

But by default, every detail of a ticket gets shared, including the customer name and agent name. Some of these details could lead to a GDPR violation even though the data is only shared internally.

Simplesat’s support team helped make the automated ticket reports anonymized: everyone in the Slack channel can see the feedback, but the name of the agent is not included in the message. The monthly agent performance breakdowns have been turned off as well, to ensure HR compliance for all Sport Alliance teams.

Building better surveys for improved customer relationships ✨

With Simplesat, Athar’s team could start offering more variety in customer surveys.

“We were able to build a survey, adapt a survey on requirements. We used a simple version of the survey with just one question, then adapted the survey to have a multi-select question available. So the customer was able to leave department-specific feedback, so they could say if that feedback was related to the customer support team or a different department. And the customers were eager to use that adoption.”

💬 Athar Hussain, Customer Success General Advisor

The customer base reacted really well to the changes: the surveys looked better, offered more options, and there were new questions being shared. Our SimCity Slack channel is currently helping Athar’s team optimize survey questions, ensuring that they utilize our tool to its full extent.

Once Sport Alliance made it clear that they wanted to know what their clients had to say, the response was shockingly positive.

  • The amount of feedback increased by more than 5x. Without Simplesat, Sport Alliance received around 150 survey responses a month. With the new, regularly deployed surveys, this grew to 700-900 responses each month.
  • CSAT scores got significantly higher. The month before they started using our tool, Sport Alliance had an average satisfaction score of 3.24. This rose to an impressive 4.11 as soon as they started using our surveys. In part, this is because Simplesat survey scales offer a higher degree of granularity: the customers have more options to pick from than just Good and Bad. But customers also became noticeably happier with their experience.

Sport Alliance has started asking qualitative survey questions too: these are open-ended questions that they share in recurring quarterly meetings with customers. The idea is to track customer feedback in CIP (continuous improvement process) sheets, in order to show progress and targeted improvements internally.

A boost in motivation 💪

The customer support team’s success led Sport Alliance to introduce Simplesat to more departments within their organization (including accounting, sales, and development).

All their agents benefit from using Simplesat surveys, as they gain a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Previously, agents were uncertain about their performance, and team leaders had limited insight into daily interactions with customers.

With Simplesat, managers can gauge performance by analyzing customer responses and the frequency of interactions. This transparency acts as a motivational factor and boosts agent morale! It’s easier to work well when you know you’ve been impressing your customers.

True to their sport-enthusiast mission, Sport Alliance is a numbers-driven organization that requires clear targets. This is only possible when they have good data to work with.

Their current goal is to achieve a 4.6 average CSAT score, which seemed impossible back when they were consistently scoring around 3.4 to 3.5. There’s been a shift in perspective from an unattainable goal to a reality.

Most importantly, team members are starting to take personal ownership of customer satisfaction goals. They put forth ideas about using Simplesat for their specific needs, such as new integrations. The company is prioritizing customer satisfaction with every decision they make.

Simplesat is a partner in excellence 💞

Sport Alliance’s team members and clients are seeing the benefits of using a better, more reliable customer feedback solution.

Simplesat not only saves time but also empowers the organization to excel. It’s a tool that solves problems instead of causing them, enabling Sport Alliance to elevate their services to new heights.

🤩 And as Sport Alliance continues this journey of growth and innovation, Simplesat is honored to stand by their side. We look forward to a future where peak performance is not just a goal but a constant reality.

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