The to get customer feedback through Autotask


 Integrate CSAT feedback into your Autotask ticket notifications and automates quarterly email NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys.

"With Simplesat, we’ve become more transparent as a team, improving internal communication about what makes customers happy and what tactics are resonating best."

How Simplesat works with Autotask

Add CSAT surveys to closed ticket emails

Embed one-click CSAT surveys directly into closed status Autotask ticket notifications.

  • Easy copy/paste process takes less than 5 minutes
  • Including survey in existing notifications means no extra emails for your clients

Sync Autotask ticket details with feedback

Gain further context about feedback by retrieving ticket info through the Autotask API.

  • Sync contacts, companies, boards, departments, ticket owners, and resources
  • Link team members with ticket owners, or the member with most time entered

Add feedback to internal notes

Sync ratings with Autotask ticket notes to increase visibility and transparency.

  • Display ratings and comments directly in ticket notes
  • Make it easy for techs to see feedback without switching tools

Update Autotask user defined fields with feedback

Connect ratings with ticket UDFs (User Defined Fields) to enable automations and detailed reporting.

  • Sync ratings and comments with specific custom fields
  • Can be used for Autotask workflows, automations, or dashboard reporting

Import and sync Autotask contacts

Getting your contacts into Simplesat enables automating surveys, and makes sure your records are always up to date.

  • Sync contact and company attributes daily
  • Ensure survey audiences are correctly targeted
  • Filter reports by contact and company attributes

Automate NPS surveys

Put your quarterly customer surveys on autopilot by emailing directly from Simplesat.

  • Create target audiences based on synced Autotask contacts
  • Send branded emails from your domain
  • Simplesat is a licensed Net Promoter Score vendor

Detailed client reporting

Create reports for a client, group of team members, or any other information you’re looking to present or explore.

  • View survey score, stats, trends and leaderboards
  • Filter by company, customer, team member, or any Autotask attributes synced through tickets or contacts
  • Drill down to see details for any specific stat or time period
"Compared with our previous Autotask survey, Simplsat took our feedback % from less than 1% to over 40%. That's monumental and gives us a MUCH better pulse on our customers."

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